Device Dock Reference Design for Apple


  • The XMOS device dock uses a digital signal path for bit-perfect audio streaming and synchronous playback that is resistant to RF interference. A local master clock ensures highest fidelity audio performance. 180 MIPS of additional processing power is available for equalization functions, psycho-acoustic enhancements, and other DSP processing.
  • The reference platform includes hardware for interfacing to an iOS device and royalty free source code, and is ready to be customized to your specification.
  • The XMOS iPod/iPhone dock reference design source code is available only to registered Apple® "MFI" licensees. The development license includes maintained source code and implementation support.



  • XS1-L1 device with bit-perfect audio and spare processing power for DSP algorithms.
  • Complete USB host interface to iOS devices such as iPod, iPad, and iPhone.
  • Synchronous clock to the audio master clock rate for the highest quality digital audio.
  • Device firmware update capability.
  • Rich library of software components for digital audio interfaces including I2S, S/PDIF and class D amplifier.
  • 180 MIPS available for audio DSP algorithms such as equalization and audio enhancements.



iPod Dock Product Brief