Multi UART Slice


  • The Multi UART Slice Card provides eight 115.2 Kbaud Full Duplex Uarts connected to two 8-bit ports. Combined with sc_multi_uart xSOFTip, it allows XCORE multicore microcontrollers to implement multiple fast RS232 or TTL UARTs in the minimum number of logical cores. This Slice Card along with the Ethernet Slice Card and the associated xSoftIp also form the basis of a fully feature Ethernet-to-multi-serial reference design.



  • 8 full duplex RS232 UARTs via IO headers
  • DB9 connector allowing RS232 serial cable to connect to one of the UARTs (cable not included)
  • Up to 115.2 Kbaud
  • configurable parity, stop bits, bits per character



 Multi-Uart Com Port Demo Quickstart Guide