Industrial Communications Slice


  • The IS-BUS sliceCARD provides flexible serial connectivity for industrial applications. It includes transceivers for CAN at 1Mbps, LIN at 20Kbps as well as a RS485 at 12Mbps, backed up by associated xSOFTip blocks. All three interfaces may be used simultaneously when connecting via the 0.1” headers. Alternatively one interface can be routed to the DB9 connector



  • Unique multicore microcontroller architecture
  • Hardware response from a programmable device allowing software implementation of industrial communications
  • Any serial protocol up to 60MHz pin speed, higher speeds with external SERDES
  • Fully tested soft IP, including: UART, RS485, USB, SPI, CAN, I2C, PWM, IEEE 802. Ethernet, ModBus
  • Ample headroom for other real-time tasks: Multi-axis motor control, HMI features, motion control, signal processing