• The xCORE-USB Family of multicore microcontrollers combines the flexibility, low latency and determinacy of xCORE, with an integrated High Speed USB 2.0 PHY supporting 480Mbps data-rates and USB Audio Class 2. Available in variants with 8, 10, 12 and 16 logical cores, the family addresses a range of demanding applications including high performance peripherals, audiophile consumer audio, sound-bars, multi-channel USB audio interfaces, DJ products, USB speakers, and protocol conversion plus bridging. 
  • Additional features include a multichannel 12bit 1MSPS analog to digital converter, standby and deep sleep modes for energy-sensitive applications, power on reset, watchdog timer, brownout detection and integrated oscillator circuits. 
  • xCORE flexible multicore microcontrollers allow you to program the mix of interfaces and functionality you want for your design. They provide a level of real-time performance not seen in other embedded processors. 



  • Multicore compute with up to 1000 MIPS across 16 cores 
  • Integrated High Speed USB 2.0 PHY giving 480Mbps data rates 
  • Flexibility to implement your exact mix of peripherals 
  • Low Latency with 100x faster real-world I/O response 
  • DSP integration using our native 32b/64b instructions 
  • Easy to use with free xSOFTip Explorer and xTIMEcomposer studio tools 



  • The USB family includes the U8 device with one xCORE tile, containing 8 logical processors. The U10 device comprises 2 tiles, each containing five logical processors. Also included in the range are the U12 and U16 devices, each with 2 tiles containing 6 and 8 logical processors respectively. 
  Part Total xCOREs RAM Kbytes I/O Max MIPS Package
XS1-U8-64 8 64 38 700 FBGA96
XS1-U10-128 10 128 78 1000 FBGA217
  XS1-U12-128 12 128 78 1000 FBGA217
  XS1-U16-128 16 128 78 1000 FBGA217


Block Diagram



XS1 U8 64 FBGA96 Datasheet