VS1000 Developer Board


  • Complete simple Ogg Vorbis player that uses VS1000
  • Full Speed USB
  • Powered from USB bus
  • USB attach/detach switch
  • USB cable included
  • Clock and Reset circuits
  • Headphone interface
  • Six push-buttons and reset button
  • 16 megabytes or larger Nand Flash storage
  • OLED display
  • Serial port for debugger interface
  • Proto area
  • Pinheader for intrerfacing other cards
  • Two LED's
  • DIP8 socket for SPI EEPROM



  • VS1000 Developer Board is an application development board for VS1000. It features all necessary hardware for writing and testing new software for VS1000.
  • The board has headphone, USB and serial port connectors. The board also features an OLED display, a prototyping area and a connector for measurements and interfacing to other boards.
  • The board is powered from the USB bus. A switch is used to attach and detach the USB data lines. Serial port is as a debugger interface and for loading code to VS1000. The serial port can also be used in the application and for loading code to the NAND Flash or the SPI EEPROM.
  • The Demonstration Board has six buttons to control pause/play, volume, next/prev, rewind/forward, random play and Earspeaker Spatial Processing. Buttons are user assignable.