VS10xx Simple DSP Board and Kit


  • VS1063, VS1053 or VS8053 DSP processor
  • MP3, WMA, AAC, HE-AAC, OGG, WAV, MIDI decoding (with VS1053 processor)
  • MP3, WMA, AAC, HE-AAC, OGG, WAV, FLAC decoding (with VS1063 processor)
  • OGG, WAV, MIDI decoding (with VS8053 processor)
  • PCM, IMA ADPCM encoding (with VS1053 and VS8053 processors)
  • PCM, IMA APDCM, G.711 ulaw/A-law, G.722 ADPCM, Ogg Vorbis, MP3 encoding (with VS1063 processor)
  • AT25DF041A or equivalent 4 megabit SPI boot flash
  • Single 5V input, LDO linear regulators for CVDD, AVDD and IOVDD.
  • 1 push-button and 4 LEDs for user interface
  • 26-pin header for signals, including stereo line in, line out and headphone out
  • UART connections for debug interface, SPI control/data bus for microcontroller
  • Easily integrated to custom PCB for rapid application development
  • Hi-Fi quality audio performance
  • Supported by VSIDE development tools



  • The VS10xx Simple DSP Board is a small, low-cost and high performance audio DSP board for the VS1063, VS1053 or VS8053 Audio Codec IC.
  • The VSx053 Simple DSP Board is meant to be used in DSP software developement and as a "plug-in" module in electronic applications. The board has two rows of pin headers, one on each edge of the board. One edge has digital connections for connecting to a serial port or to an SPI port. This can be used to interface the board with a PC and VSIDE or a host microcontroller. The other edge has analog connections featuring Line In, Line Out and Headphone Out. Line In and Line Out are AC-coupled and can be connected directly to other audio circuits.
  • The board has necessary power supplies for the VSx053. It also has four LEDs, and a button for UI. A boot EEPROM is included so that application software and also sound samples can be stored on the board.
  • The board can be used with the VSx053 Simple DSP Host board for easy
    connectivity to the outside world.