• xCORE flexible multicore microcontrollers allow you to program the mix of interfaces and functionality you want for your design. They provide a level of real-time performance not seen in other embedded processors. xCORE processors are completely timing deterministic thanks to predictable instruction timing and respond within a single cycle.
  • xCORE logical processors are so responsive and predictable, that functions typically implemented in hardware such as I/O peripherals, become software tasks.
  • xCORE multicore microcontrollers allow you to program the exact mix of interfaces, DSP and control functionality you need for your design, combined with the flexibility and ease of use that only a high level language software development flow brings.



  • Multicore compute with devices ranging from 4 to 32 cores, and 400 to 1600 MIPS
  • Flexibility to implement your exact mix of peripherals
  • Low Latency with 100x faster real-world I/O response
  • Timing Determinism to ensure you never miss deadlines
  • DSP integration using our native 32b/64b instructions
  • Security from our secure OTP to protect your IP investment
  • Easy to use with our free xSOFTip Explorer and xTIMEcomposer studio tools



  • xCORE USB devices are available in a range of resource densities, package, performance and temperature grades depending on your needs.
  Part Total xCOREs RAM Kbytes I/O Max MIPS Package
XS1-L8A-64 8 64 64 500 TQFP48, LQFP64, TQFP128
XS1-L8A-128 8 128 84 1000 QFN124





Block Diagram



XS1 L8A 64 TQ48 Datasheet 
XS1 L8A 64 LQ64 Datasheet
XS1 L8A 64 TQ128 Datasheet
XS1 L8A 128 QFN124 Datasheet